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The Only Historic Bed & Breakfast in Toccoa, GA

Foyer of Simmons-Bond house with fresh flowers

Staying at a Bed & Breakfast is special: the food, the location, the staff, and most importantly: the house. The Simmons-Bond Inn Bed & Breakfast is a 115-year-old Queen Anne, Greek Revival, Victorian mansion in the heart of downtown Toccoa. Listed on the Historic Register, the Inn has a wonderfully long history that adds to the charm and experience of staying in this magnificent home.

Construction of the home was completed in 1903 by James Simmons as a gift for his wife, Antoinette Mosely Simmons. James originally planned to have the house built in the country outside of town, but Antoinette, or “Mammy” as she was affectionately known, insisted that it be located in town. Mammy was well-connected in several civic and religious organizations, and she did not want to lose those connections. So, James, a lumberman and furniture-maker by trade, acquiesced and the home is located on a 100’x100’ lot in the town square.

In its early days, the house was the home of the Simmons family, and when daughter Frances Louise Simmons married Julius Belton Bond, they both lived in the house, hence the name, Simmons-Bond. During World War II, Mammy and James boarded soldiers in the house during their training on Camp Toccoa. She would even put up tents in the back field when the rooms in the house were full. Rumor has it that what is now the downstairs powder room was where James Simmons stored (and hid) his alcohol during prohibition. The room later became the playroom for the Simmons-Bond children and their friends. They could do whatever they wanted in that room, as long as they didn’t mess up the rest of the house.

As I mentioned, James Simmons was a lumberman and his skill at woodworking is evident in the quarter-sawn oak throughout the downstairs parlor, foyer, and dining room, as well as the grand staircase going to the second floor. Heart pine floors and stained glass accent the magnificent interior décor.

In the 1970s, the house was sold to a law firm and operated as a law office. The wood downstairs was painstakingly cleaned as it was covered in soot from the coal fireplaces. Since approximately 1999, the house has seen thousands of guests as the Simmons-Bond Inn Bed & Breakfast. I’ve only touched on the fantastic history of the Inn and the original family owners. There is a lot more to learn about, including the extensive military and life stories of the City of Toccoa. Staying at the Simmons-Bond Inn Bed & Breakfast is a step back in time to a simpler era. Stop in and take a wonderful journey with us.

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