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Who You Gonna Call?

Front view of the Simmons-Bond House

Many folks have asked Tanya and me if the Simmons-Bond Inn Bed & Breakfast is haunted. Well, it is a 115-year-old Victorian era home. And it does have over 20 rooms inside. And it does have some creaky floors and wind rustles through the trees. But is it haunted?

Over the years, we have heard stories of guests hearing noises in the night or seeing visions of people in the house. I’d like to think that the spirit of James Simmons, his wife, Antionette Mosely Simmons, and their children still inhabit the Inn and add to the charm of this wonderful house.

The Simmons-Bond families were highly instrumental in the development of the community and knowing that their legacy lives on in this beautiful mansion is fantastic. Just look at the woodworking skill of James Simmons throughout the house. Ghost or not, James is definitely still here.

On a personal note, while Tanya and I were going through the purchase of the Inn, we were able to spend several nights here to learn about the Bed & Breakfast, get to know the town, and meet some of the business owners in the area. In the room in which we stayed, there was an antique rocking chair positioned at an angle to the hearth of the fireplace. When I got up one morning, the chair had been moved so that it was now parallel to the hearth. I asked Tanya if she had moved the chair; she said that she hadn’t. I know I didn’t move it before retiring for the night. Maybe it was “Mammy” Simmons, James’ wife walking through the room, making sure everything was as she left it. I guess we’ll never know, but I like to feel that the Simmons’ still inhabit the Inn, trusting us with the care of their lovely home.

As owners of the Simmons-Bond Inn Bed & Breakfast, Tanya and I are honored to be the next caretakers of the family legacy, and just as we welcome our guests into this lovely home, we welcome the continuing presence of James, “Mammy”, Francis-Louise, and all the Simmons-Bond family. Knowing that they’re always with us makes us feel right at home.

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