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Our Guests Are The Best!

Game playing around the table in the dining room

The Simmons-Bond Inn Bed & Breakfast welcomes guests from around the local area, from across the country and from all over the world. Tanya and I are thrilled to get to know these folks and the stories of how they came to Toccoa and the Inn.

We’ve had a gentleman stay with us several times, hailing from Weissenburg, Germany. Roland comes to the U.S. on business here in Toccoa, and the Simmons-Bond Inn is his choice of lodging during his stay. He has a wife and two small children back in Germany and Facetimes with them every day while he is here.

One evening, around 8:00pm, a young man came to the door asking if we had a room available. He was from Poland and had just arrived via Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. As we chatted with him at breakfast, we found out that he was here just to run the three miles up and three miles down at Currahee Mountain. He spent two nights with us and ran the mountain each morning. He left us with great comments about his stay and returned to Poland. Talk about an interesting way to spend a couple of days!

We’ve enjoyed the company of college students and their families as they check out Toccoa Falls College for upcoming semesters. We even had a father and son from China stay with us as the teenager shadowed a student at the school for two days. He would be starting classes soon at the college, and he and his dad planned to move to Toccoa while he was in school.

The outstanding Stephens County Hospital has booked visiting physicians with us while they care for newborn and pediatric patients. And Toccoa Falls College continues to send visiting professors to stay at the Inn while they are in town, teaching or speaking at the college.

As you can see, the diversity of guests at the Simmons-Bond Inn Bed & Breakfast is vast, very interesting, and gives Tanya and I a glimpse into the lives of so many wonderful people. And that’s the best part of owning a Bed & Breakfast: the people that we welcome into our home.

Maybe we’ll see you soon and you can share your story with us as you enjoy the historic accommodations and fabulous breakfasts at the Simmons-Bond Inn.

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