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What Sets Us Apart

Looking out from the front porch at Simmons-Bond.

Lodging takes many forms in many areas. We see roadside motels, popular chain hotels, large resorts, and of course, Bed & Breakfasts. With so many choices, and the constant barrage of travel reservation sites coming at us on our TVs, what’s the discerning traveler to do?

Of all the lodging alternatives available, the Bed & Breakfast sets itself apart in many ways. And the Simmons-Bond Inn Bed & Breakfast in Toccoa, GA takes those differences steps further.

Let’s start with the house: a 115-year-old Queen Ann, Greek Revival, Victorian mansion welcomes our guests to step back in time to a simpler, luxurious era. Period décor, antiques, fine dining and home-made gourmet breakfasts are unmatched in this part of north Georgia.

Personalized service and attention are the highest priority for Tanya and me as we treat our guests like family, ensuring their comfort and providing conveniences for their stay that they will not soon forget. If our guests have a special occasion during their stay, we will make that occasion great and memorable for them. That’s something you don’t generally find at that roadside motel.

Some guests are looking for a simple, quiet getaway – a relaxing respite from work and the day-to-day rat race. The Simmons-Bond Inn offers a pleasant opportunity to de-stress. An extensive library is available in the parlor; games for a couple or a group are on hand; a wrap-around porch with comfy rocking chairs and a porch swing let you wile away the hours in the cool evening.

What sets us apart are the little things that make your stay a unique experience. The Simmons-Bond Inn Bed & Breakfast is proud to welcome our guests into our home and make you feel right at home. We are grateful that you chose us as your destination or your stop along the way.

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