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Choose a Real Bed and Breakfast

Travelers today have lots of choices when it comes to lodging. Chain hotels, local motels, resorts, Airbnb and traditional Bed & Breakfasts. In today’s blog, I’m going to focus on the last two options.

Many travelers, especially millennials, are opting for the Airbnb locations, thinking that they are getting the best bang for their buck. Let’s take a look at that option for a moment. Staying at an Airbnb generally means renting a room or rooms in someone’s home, either occupied by the owners or vacant. In an Airbnb guests lack the personal touch – most of the interaction between owner and guest is online. Answers to questions such as, where is the best place to eat, what is there to do, information about what’s going on in town or in the area are frequently lacking for the Airbnb guest.

Now contrast that lodging option to a genuine Bed & Breakfast. The owners/innkeepers generally live on-site and greet their guests on arrival. We have tons of information about local restaurants, shopping, attractions, events and more in the local area. We can easily answer our guests’ questions. Bed & Breakfasts have the required operating licenses and permits from the local authorities, must pass health department inspections and adhere to fire and safety codes. Ample parking is generally provided without infringing on neighbors or blocking street traffic.

Above all else, personal attention to our guests is the hallmark of a traditional Bed & Breakfast. At the Simmons-Bond Inn our guests are welcomed and treated like family during their entire stay. Fabulous breakfasts, proximity to local restaurants/shopping/attractions/events as well as unique amenities and accommodations make the real Bed & Breakfast your best choice. And we’re not limited in what we can provide to all types of travelers. From retirees to young couples, weekend getaways and small parties, we know the town, we know the local areas, and we can make your trip a memorable experience, no matter what you’re looking to do.

Everyone is welcome at the Simmons-Bond Inn Bed & Breakfast in Toccoa, GA in the heart of the north Georgia mountains. Come and see the difference a real Bed & Breakfast makes in your lodging choice. Once you “B&B”, you may never go any other way again.

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